OEM Parts

  Dressage Engineers provide servicing on parts and equipment for all your mass transit needs.  If you feel you are paying too much for a certain part, we can help to identify what you need by substituting for a sub-supplier part or equivalent with an OEM Guarantee.

We provide spare parts for:

  • Trams, trains and subways, all OEM components.
  • Hanning and Kahl & Knorr Bremse Track Brake servicing.
  • Hanning and Kahl & Knorr Bremse Hydaulic Brake equipment.
  • Maintenance machinery.
  • Signalling and Communications.
  • Traffic Control Equipment.
  • Revenue Collection Equipment.
  • Track Components.

Please feel free to Contact Us for any parts needed!  All our parts and equipment are made in Germany and EC, (European Community).  
Reg.No QEC 13637